Collection: Soma Bognar

Soma Bognar's paintings capture the world through a comforting, yet somewhat grotesque lens. His love of colour is undeniable – his palette is usually dominated by vivid colours, with occasional highly contrasting hues. Beginning with abstract shapes and organically chosen colour, the painting grows in response to itself. Bognar predominantly paints in acrylic; however, he occasionally uses oil paint and other mediums. His aesthetic choices are visceral rather than premeditated. Bognar's paintings deal with past trauma, impermanence, and general struggles around self-identity and they invite the observer to think about what it means to be human. His style has been impacted by a range of inspirations, including post-impressionism, folk art, books, and music. Bognar has been included in a number of group exhibitions in recent years, in 2023 his work has been selected for the Summer Exhibition of Royal Academy of Arts. Some of Bognar's works are held in private collections in the UK, Europe and USA.